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Below are the reviews from a few of our clients who have experienced real and lasting results from DeMur Consulting.

“ I’ve been a client of Carla Murillo via her company DeMur Consulting for about 1 year. I decided to outsource some of my accounting as a method to reduce operational costs, and I decided to go with DeMur Consulting.

DeMur Consulting makes much of my accounting a breeze (a breeze to me because she does the accounting leg work) and brings peace of mind. Monthly she emails me my reports and questions that may arise so we may deal with them at our own convenient times. She is knowledgeable about business in general and highly skilled at corporations’ taxes.

Another (extremely) important characteristic worthy of mentioning is the feel of TRUST! Carla demonstrates high integrity which is always something essential when working with an accountant that will have access to your financial documents and bank information.

I fully endorse Carla Murillo at Demur Consulting!”

Christopher M. Hammer

“ I've Know carla for almost 15 years. She was one of my district managers when I owned a century 21 franchise and we have callaborated in other avenues of business. Her business and accounting knowledge are unsurpassed. I have trusted her with my entire company books and she taught me several better ways of doing business and saved me a lot of time and money. I highly recommend her and her company to anyone in any business that is in need of a highly skilled financial and accounting firm.”

Patrick Owen

“ Carla has worked with me and for me in the past as an internal accountant and book keeper. Her attention to detail was very important to me and she did not disappoint. She is also very personable and a good team player who gets along with all involved, but she is not afraid to take the lead in any problem that may arise. I highly recommend Carla Murillo as a strong option to consider when in need for all aspects of accounting.”


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